Finding out were having twins

“My twins boy and girl who are now two years old,have been my biggest challenge, but also my biggest blessing.”

     It was as if time stood still, as I sat in the waiting room I didn’t know if I was happy, sad,confused, concerned,it was so bad that as a coffee lover I couldn’t even take a sip of the fresh brew that was infront of me. It took about five minutes for the doctor to call me in, but to me it felt like an eternity. My world turned upside down then back up again.
     Seven weeks into my pregnancy I started bleeding heavily for sure I thought it was a miscarriage that’s what they nowadays clasify this situation as, there was so much blood like your whole period cycle in five minutes. The shock state I was in could not be explained, since my husband was at work I called my sister-in-law and we were in the er literally in like two minutes.
      Finally the nurse came out and said the doctor wanted to see me, the doctor wanted all of this information and this first time momma to be just wanted answers to the situation and I wanted it now. I was in a way prepared for the worst but just wanted it confirmed so I can take as it is and move on. An ultrasound was done next and the doctor sure didn’t look to concerned me on the other hand felt like I was about to pop. While doing the ultrasound once again it felt like never ending, finally he said ” well I see two heartbeats here, and everything looks normal to me.” My answer to this was “you said what? Two?” Here I was thinking I was having a miscarriage only to find out I was having twins non-identical. Then I asked him where was all this discharge coming from, to that the doctor answered it was a hematoma,but thankfully it was under the fetuses so it would just bleed out basically what that was was blood left over from past period it just collected over time or there was supposed to be one more baby but didnt fertilize.

     The doctor had me on bed rest for the first three months and had me on two medications which would help me stay calm and keep these babies in tact. My response to this horror scene was “thank you god, you trully do exist”
     As I was walking out to get ready for a hospital bed all of a sudden rush of emotions came up from shock, to terrified, to happy, to confused and then shock again. “O man I’m having twins I was ready for one,but two


lets get this party started.”
      Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible for me because they say it usually skips a generation and since my mom was previously pregnant with twins , but unfortunetely lost them I didn’t think it was possible , but god has his plan.
      It was now time to tell my husband the good news oh, he was definetely not any different from me his reaction was the funniest to me. Once I made the call to suprise him he reaction was ” what I don’t believe you” well hunny believe or not it’s happening , but once again it was another shock moment it’s alot to digest, they actually had to confirm it to him a few times before he believed it. To me it was just a funny moment from a first time parent aswell as a father to be. This was probably the worst and the best moment in our lives but definetely worth it.

  After finding out we were having twins, let me tell you the pregnancy itself was not easy, but looking at these angels now, We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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