Today’s society hmm what do I say, has really become the job of many for judging others based on their opinion. Are people that bored in their lives that they feel the need to judge I wouldn’t think so, but people rather judge than take care of their own problems. Do you ever wake up in the morning and look in the mirror what do you see? Well it depends what defines you as a person,are you judgemental of others? Do you lay at night and think about if you have done something really nice for someone or if you have hurt someone probably not many do today.

    Eversince I gave birth to my twins I barely have time to shower let alone judge someone,but somehow alot of judgement comes my way why? Well I ask myself this question everyday. It’s either how I should be doing something or not doing it. Well let me tell you something everyone has their own life their own problems,some days are good and some are bad, even with this I try to lift people up but somehow I always get put down by others. What I believe in my heart to be the case for these people is definetely some kind of injustice in their heart and soul something isn’t going in their life so why should it in your’s.so wrong. If we were kinder  instead of judgemental at all times imagine how much of a better place this world would be.

    No one in the world is perfect I know I definetely am not,but next time you try to judge me for something I’m doing or not doing it your way clean out your back yard first, and make sure at night you go to sleep peacefully.

  Imagine where being jugdmental takes you.nowhere good. Why?  Because when you start seing negative in all people they start to back away from you then you’re left on your own, noone to lend you a helping hand, noone to pick you up when you’re down,  noone to call when you need advice or just about anything else positive. So people think about it next time you try to go judging, people are just human beings and everyone of us does things differently that does not make you any better of a person than the one you’re judging be the person people love to be around. Make a difference. like they say (excuse the language) “karma is a bitch”.

Love… stop the hate with the judging… one step at a time.

    -till next time twinsies wants you to share the love ♡♡♡


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