Bonding Time

For my family of four it is really hard to get together and have a bonding time set out since my husband is at work all day long. Sunday is the only time we have for deep cleaning the house and getting out and doing something with the kids. Today while the sun shined sitting there in the park watching my family enjoy themselves I come to tealize something, my kids are only two bit already we have missed out on so much of their growth spurts. I am a stay at home mommwith these two 24/7 going to the grocery store is a vacation.literally. Having two year old twins who are full of energy all day long can get really frustrating and demanding at times, that you can’t wait to hide away somewhere for a bit of spare time and just do something that you want to do, but again we/I don’t use that time with quality. I usually use it to go surfing (which by the way I can surf hours) what a waste of time really! Or just stare at the blank wall and over think. My husband only gets one day off which is sunday so I understand his missing out on the bonding time with the kids, but me I am no excuse. Recently I started feeling like I am abandoning my kids in a way and missing out on those little things that they do throughout the day all I see is the negative these little munckins do. Bonding time has really become an issue not just with us but probably many many more out there. Todays twchnology has really eaten up our wonderful brains, we just seem to enjoy surfing or doing something else useless more than the new word they learned today that they are so proud of to say it to you or repeat constantly before you give them a bravo. Think of all those smiles we miss out that they send us while we turn our heads to the phone, once again as if their being ignored and our frustrations gets out again because were so overwhelmed by other things like computer screens or cellphones.
    Putting away our technology and start putting more attention on our little bugs we will probably be a little more satisfied with the outcome of their reactionsaswell as getting that bonding time they ask for everyday and also realize that you actually listen and you care. If we looked at it from the other side we would see that their babies only once and tomorrow they will be a little older, those little marks and moments of their lives can’t go in reverse with this we will probably look back and say “oh how I miss those little memories that should have been treasured.”


So this year I am deciding to make a goal to have a little more bonding time while putting down my phone and just focus and enjoy those beautiful little moments.
     I challenge you aswell. How long can you be without technology? Really? Moms.
    It doesn’t really take alot to give them your attention, go outside, go to the park,let them get dirty, try a new activity or a hobby with them expand their imagination, help your kids grow before they go out into the world. Afterall it really is a scary outthere.

    -until next time twinsie wants you to share the love.♡♡♡



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