Chocolate overload

Today as I watched my kids enjoy their chocolate something went through my mind, their behavior lately. I believe my children have had an chocolate overload lately since they are at that point of not wanting to eat everything I cook I rather them have something in their bellies then nothing which is usually chocolate. Lately I have recognized that they get very hyperactive and then very cranky why? Well imagine all the sugar in their little bellies.

      Me and my husband are big chocolate lovers so I guess our kids are aswell, but how healthy is that ?, not at all they get choclate when ever they want which means they want nothing else once their used to that routine. Sugar has alot of affect on our health and as parents we don’t want our kids to be missing out on the good stuff right? But actually were doing so much more damage to them because later in life it will hit them harder they would become addicted to sugar, I know this from my case my whole life if I dont eat a whole choclate at midnight I cannot fall asleep its like a coffee lover or any other splurge.

    Since my children behavior has changed alot I am going on a mission from today to try to take it down a notch with the sweets for their own good it wont be easy, but it will be worth it at the end.

    Do you have those choclate lovers? How do you deal with these kind of situations? How to say no when they ask for it? Tell me about it would love to get your feedback..

    Till next time twinsie wants you to share the love ♡♡♡

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