Sad story of baby angel

R.I.P baby Brianna
     Ps: hope you’re dancing in paradise baby girl.

As many of you probably know about or have heard about this case , today Brianna would have been 15 almost 16 years old. Baby Brianna’s case was one of the worst child abuse cases investigators had to deal with in a long time. At the time back in 2002 Brianna was only five months old, imagine only five months old when she was raped, beaten, and then murdered and all of this by her so called parents and uncle, eventhough most of the other relatives knew what was happening to this poor child noone stood up to protect her to, they didn’t want to report because they didn’t want to get involved (what in the world peace of shits). To me these people are monsters not parents what a disgrace they are to the world. Briannas mother has served 15 years behind bars and now it’s being looked at for her release this year (what? No no no) what a joke the system is if they let her seek freedom, she needs to rot in jail and god will get back at her for this precious soul for her child she should have protected with all of her might, who protects better than a mother.

      “Brianna Mariah Lopez, abused in life, caged in death.”
  Baby Brianna never received hugs or kisses, not nor did she get toys like most babies do, not a single picture of her smiling poor soul, instead from the day she was born she was tormented ona daily basis which included both verbal and phsical abuse. Brianna just at five months old was slapped, kicked, punched, pinched, thrown, raped, I mean you named it this poor little body endured it until the angel had no more strength.

      When baby Brianna would cry her mouth would get stuffed with clothing to muffle her screams. Most of the abuse was done by the father and uncle Steven Lopez and Andrew Walter, while her mother stepped aside never once protected her she would sit back and basically watch all of this happen, I really wonder what in the world was going through this womens head at the time I mean which normal mother does this.

     Baby Brianna had old and new bite marks, bleeding on the brain, broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms, lacerations to the fingers, vagina and anus, i can’ t even think about how much pain this child went through and noone heard noone protected noone reported (shame). Everyday of her little life she had been abused, imagine her cries that noone heard shame on her mother. We are so unthankful to be alive each day and be thankful for our health, our families, and our blessings. We get a little migrane and cry in pain imagine her pain through the five months, makes you really tear up, and just think about how sick this world has gotten and how we don’t know how to count our blessings anymore. More and more child abuse cases are reported each day, do we ever ask ourselves what brings people to the point of hurting their own child? I don’t think so well atleast not enough.obviously. Yes as parents we get frustrated with our children expecially stay at home moms which are their 24 hours a day with no other life beside motherhood, but never would I take in fonsideration of hurting my own babies nor would I let someone else lay a finger on them, even if that means I take my last breath then and there.

    To these three evil people and to the relatives who did not report this baby Brianna was just a toy, I mean they would throw her up to the ceiling and let her drop to the ground like a rag doll, so heartbreaking I am out of words.

    Poor baby girl I wish I could have hugged her, played with hergod bless her little soul , it makes me want to keep my kids a little closer and hug and kiss them more just appreciate those little moments.

    The moral to all of this is hug your kids , let them cry, let them spill, show them love not hate, spoil them make memories never ever let anyone come close to them these arenour angels and we are here to protect them, because the world is so cruel and you never know what awaits your babies.

♡♡♡♡☆In Memory Of Baby Brianna an angel gone to soon and all of the other angels up in heaven noone can hurt you now.♡♡♡♡☆

      ♡♡♡♡ happy valentines day peeps till next time Twinsie wants you to share the love.


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