Today’s society hmm what do I say, has really become the job of many for judging others based on their opinion. Are people that bored in their lives that they feel the need to judge I wouldn’t think so, but people rather judge than take care of their own problems. Do you ever wake up in the morning and look in the mirror what do you see? Well it depends what defines you as a person,are you judgemental of others? Do you lay at night and think about if you have done something really nice for someone or if you have hurt someone probably not many do today.

    Eversince I gave birth to my twins I barely have time to shower let alone judge someone,but somehow alot of judgement comes my way why? Well I ask myself this question everyday. It’s either how I should be doing something or not doing it. Well let me tell you something everyone has their own life their own problems,some days are good and some are bad, even with this I try to lift people up but somehow I always get put down by others. What I believe in my heart to be the case for these people is definetely some kind of injustice in their heart and soul something isn’t going in their life so why should it in your’s.so wrong. If we were kinder  instead of judgemental at all times imagine how much of a better place this world would be.

    No one in the world is perfect I know I definetely am not,but next time you try to judge me for something I’m doing or not doing it your way clean out your back yard first, and make sure at night you go to sleep peacefully.

  Imagine where being jugdmental takes you.nowhere good. Why?  Because when you start seing negative in all people they start to back away from you then you’re left on your own, noone to lend you a helping hand, noone to pick you up when you’re down,  noone to call when you need advice or just about anything else positive. So people think about it next time you try to go judging, people are just human beings and everyone of us does things differently that does not make you any better of a person than the one you’re judging be the person people love to be around. Make a difference. like they say (excuse the language) “karma is a bitch”.

Love… stop the hate with the judging… one step at a time.

    -till next time twinsies wants you to share the love ♡♡♡


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Bonding Time

For my family of four it is really hard to get together and have a bonding time set out since my husband is at work all day long. Sunday is the only time we have for deep cleaning the house and getting out and doing something with the kids. Today while the sun shined sitting there in the park watching my family enjoy themselves I come to tealize something, my kids are only two bit already we have missed out on so much of their growth spurts. I am a stay at home mommwith these two 24/7 going to the grocery store is a vacation.literally. Having two year old twins who are full of energy all day long can get really frustrating and demanding at times, that you can’t wait to hide away somewhere for a bit of spare time and just do something that you want to do, but again we/I don’t use that time with quality. I usually use it to go surfing (which by the way I can surf hours) what a waste of time really! Or just stare at the blank wall and over think. My husband only gets one day off which is sunday so I understand his missing out on the bonding time with the kids, but me I am no excuse. Recently I started feeling like I am abandoning my kids in a way and missing out on those little things that they do throughout the day all I see is the negative these little munckins do. Bonding time has really become an issue not just with us but probably many many more out there. Todays twchnology has really eaten up our wonderful brains, we just seem to enjoy surfing or doing something else useless more than the new word they learned today that they are so proud of to say it to you or repeat constantly before you give them a bravo. Think of all those smiles we miss out that they send us while we turn our heads to the phone, once again as if their being ignored and our frustrations gets out again because were so overwhelmed by other things like computer screens or cellphones.
    Putting away our technology and start putting more attention on our little bugs we will probably be a little more satisfied with the outcome of their reactionsaswell as getting that bonding time they ask for everyday and also realize that you actually listen and you care. If we looked at it from the other side we would see that their babies only once and tomorrow they will be a little older, those little marks and moments of their lives can’t go in reverse with this we will probably look back and say “oh how I miss those little memories that should have been treasured.”


So this year I am deciding to make a goal to have a little more bonding time while putting down my phone and just focus and enjoy those beautiful little moments.
     I challenge you aswell. How long can you be without technology? Really? Moms.
    It doesn’t really take alot to give them your attention, go outside, go to the park,let them get dirty, try a new activity or a hobby with them expand their imagination, help your kids grow before they go out into the world. Afterall it really is a scary outthere.

    -until next time twinsie wants you to share the love.♡♡♡



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-practice what you preach or change your speech.

        Lately I have been really thinking about this topic, how to categorize people who are hypocrites in my life. Do you know someone who is a hypocrite? Hopefully not, because they can really get you down. These people constatly talk about how they are the best,but in reality do evil to other people everyday.
Hypocrites are very well known for their lies, their made up fantasies so called of how they do good. Why they do this? I am challenged with this question everyday of my life? To make you look bad and get you in a dump and if your not a fighter and you don’t know how to brush them off well you’re in trouble then.

      I have someone who is very close to me who definetely classifies as a hypocrite. The hardest thing is when it’s someone you love or thought you trusted. A few years ago my life was a total mess I thought I was going through a faze because I moved over the sea,but no. There was a person who was constantly talking about how successful in life they were, what and how I should deal with things, how everyone turns their head when he/she comes around, how many people were helped in the process just putting the most positive things about themselves while putting me down. You don’t really have to be an expert to realize how these people like to manipulate with weaker then themselves. Hypocrites never truly look in the mirror because if they did they would see that ugly personality and that their actually hurting people instead of picking them up off the ground, like they say they do.

    Once I realized there was a person close to me drowing me even more down I had to take action I couldn’t drown no more I simply distanced myself from this person it was the best thing I could have done for myself because finally my positive energy came back and I am able to enjoy life again.

      People… do not let a hypocrite near you or your loved one because you will fall and believe all these lies while their making you look like a lunatic or plain stupid. Hypocrites in other words are evil self absorbed people probably not satisfied in their own life so why should yOu be happy.

-till next time twinsie wants you to share the love. ♡♡♡


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Chocolate overload

Today as I watched my kids enjoy their chocolate something went through my mind, their behavior lately. I believe my children have had an chocolate overload lately since they are at that point of not wanting to eat everything I cook I rather them have something in their bellies then nothing which is usually chocolate. Lately I have recognized that they get very hyperactive and then very cranky why? Well imagine all the sugar in their little bellies.

      Me and my husband are big chocolate lovers so I guess our kids are aswell, but how healthy is that ?, not at all they get choclate when ever they want which means they want nothing else once their used to that routine. Sugar has alot of affect on our health and as parents we don’t want our kids to be missing out on the good stuff right? But actually were doing so much more damage to them because later in life it will hit them harder they would become addicted to sugar, I know this from my case my whole life if I dont eat a whole choclate at midnight I cannot fall asleep its like a coffee lover or any other splurge.

    Since my children behavior has changed alot I am going on a mission from today to try to take it down a notch with the sweets for their own good it wont be easy, but it will be worth it at the end.

    Do you have those choclate lovers? How do you deal with these kind of situations? How to say no when they ask for it? Tell me about it would love to get your feedback..

    Till next time twinsie wants you to share the love ♡♡♡

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Sad story of baby angel

R.I.P baby Brianna
     Ps: hope you’re dancing in paradise baby girl.

As many of you probably know about or have heard about this case , today Brianna would have been 15 almost 16 years old. Baby Brianna’s case was one of the worst child abuse cases investigators had to deal with in a long time. At the time back in 2002 Brianna was only five months old, imagine only five months old when she was raped, beaten, and then murdered and all of this by her so called parents and uncle, eventhough most of the other relatives knew what was happening to this poor child noone stood up to protect her to, they didn’t want to report because they didn’t want to get involved (what in the world peace of shits). To me these people are monsters not parents what a disgrace they are to the world. Briannas mother has served 15 years behind bars and now it’s being looked at for her release this year (what? No no no) what a joke the system is if they let her seek freedom, she needs to rot in jail and god will get back at her for this precious soul for her child she should have protected with all of her might, who protects better than a mother.

      “Brianna Mariah Lopez, abused in life, caged in death.”
  Baby Brianna never received hugs or kisses, not nor did she get toys like most babies do, not a single picture of her smiling poor soul, instead from the day she was born she was tormented ona daily basis which included both verbal and phsical abuse. Brianna just at five months old was slapped, kicked, punched, pinched, thrown, raped, I mean you named it this poor little body endured it until the angel had no more strength.

      When baby Brianna would cry her mouth would get stuffed with clothing to muffle her screams. Most of the abuse was done by the father and uncle Steven Lopez and Andrew Walter, while her mother stepped aside never once protected her she would sit back and basically watch all of this happen, I really wonder what in the world was going through this womens head at the time I mean which normal mother does this.

     Baby Brianna had old and new bite marks, bleeding on the brain, broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms, lacerations to the fingers, vagina and anus, i can’ t even think about how much pain this child went through and noone heard noone protected noone reported (shame). Everyday of her little life she had been abused, imagine her cries that noone heard shame on her mother. We are so unthankful to be alive each day and be thankful for our health, our families, and our blessings. We get a little migrane and cry in pain imagine her pain through the five months, makes you really tear up, and just think about how sick this world has gotten and how we don’t know how to count our blessings anymore. More and more child abuse cases are reported each day, do we ever ask ourselves what brings people to the point of hurting their own child? I don’t think so well atleast not enough.obviously. Yes as parents we get frustrated with our children expecially stay at home moms which are their 24 hours a day with no other life beside motherhood, but never would I take in fonsideration of hurting my own babies nor would I let someone else lay a finger on them, even if that means I take my last breath then and there.

    To these three evil people and to the relatives who did not report this baby Brianna was just a toy, I mean they would throw her up to the ceiling and let her drop to the ground like a rag doll, so heartbreaking I am out of words.

    Poor baby girl I wish I could have hugged her, played with hergod bless her little soul , it makes me want to keep my kids a little closer and hug and kiss them more just appreciate those little moments.

    The moral to all of this is hug your kids , let them cry, let them spill, show them love not hate, spoil them make memories never ever let anyone come close to them these arenour angels and we are here to protect them, because the world is so cruel and you never know what awaits your babies.

♡♡♡♡☆In Memory Of Baby Brianna an angel gone to soon and all of the other angels up in heaven noone can hurt you now.♡♡♡♡☆

      ♡♡♡♡ happy valentines day peeps till next time Twinsie wants you to share the love.


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Finding out were having twins

“My twins boy and girl who are now two years old,have been my biggest challenge, but also my biggest blessing.”

     It was as if time stood still, as I sat in the waiting room I didn’t know if I was happy, sad,confused, concerned,it was so bad that as a coffee lover I couldn’t even take a sip of the fresh brew that was infront of me. It took about five minutes for the doctor to call me in, but to me it felt like an eternity. My world turned upside down then back up again.
     Seven weeks into my pregnancy I started bleeding heavily for sure I thought it was a miscarriage that’s what they nowadays clasify this situation as, there was so much blood like your whole period cycle in five minutes. The shock state I was in could not be explained, since my husband was at work I called my sister-in-law and we were in the er literally in like two minutes.
      Finally the nurse came out and said the doctor wanted to see me, the doctor wanted all of this information and this first time momma to be just wanted answers to the situation and I wanted it now. I was in a way prepared for the worst but just wanted it confirmed so I can take as it is and move on. An ultrasound was done next and the doctor sure didn’t look to concerned me on the other hand felt like I was about to pop. While doing the ultrasound once again it felt like never ending, finally he said ” well I see two heartbeats here, and everything looks normal to me.” My answer to this was “you said what? Two?” Here I was thinking I was having a miscarriage only to find out I was having twins non-identical. Then I asked him where was all this discharge coming from, to that the doctor answered it was a hematoma,but thankfully it was under the fetuses so it would just bleed out basically what that was was blood left over from past period it just collected over time or there was supposed to be one more baby but didnt fertilize.

     The doctor had me on bed rest for the first three months and had me on two medications which would help me stay calm and keep these babies in tact. My response to this horror scene was “thank you god, you trully do exist”
     As I was walking out to get ready for a hospital bed all of a sudden rush of emotions came up from shock, to terrified, to happy, to confused and then shock again. “O man I’m having twins I was ready for one,but two


lets get this party started.”
      Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible for me because they say it usually skips a generation and since my mom was previously pregnant with twins , but unfortunetely lost them I didn’t think it was possible , but god has his plan.
      It was now time to tell my husband the good news oh, he was definetely not any different from me his reaction was the funniest to me. Once I made the call to suprise him he reaction was ” what I don’t believe you” well hunny believe or not it’s happening , but once again it was another shock moment it’s alot to digest, they actually had to confirm it to him a few times before he believed it. To me it was just a funny moment from a first time parent aswell as a father to be. This was probably the worst and the best moment in our lives but definetely worth it.

  After finding out we were having twins, let me tell you the pregnancy itself was not easy, but looking at these angels now, We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Till next time twinsies wants you to share the love…

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There are many bloggers out there today and so much competition, i feel like i have literally been stuck forever trying to come up with a good idea that will catch people’s attention, but as i have come to a conclusion it’s just best to go


with what everyday brings to you so i am working on posting every sunday just from inspiration i got from the week or just from my everday events from being a mom a wife and a homemaker. Hope someone will find interest of twinsiesworld.